We plan your event from scratch

Organising a music event is not easy, and can be a big challenge. Especially if you're not familiar with the process involved or don't know all the little details that go into organising an event.

The first step of each Promoter is to create an Event Plan. This is the most important element in preparation of the entire event. At this stage we set the budget, search for a good location for the event, negotiate with the venue, choose a date for the event to take place, plan the artist line up, prepare stage layout, target audience, plan the marketing campaign, examine the competitive environment and prepare a conceptual plan for the development and construction of the entire brand.

You see, the success or failure of the event, depends on its Event Plan and how carefully it is prepared. This is why we treat each project we prepare, as if it were our own and raise it to the highest standard.

We book artists for your needs

Once our Event Plan is done and everything is carefully analysed, you must book artists for the event. Listen, we'll tell you now, this is definitely one of the most difficult and stressful processes involved in organising the event.

First of all, reaching direct contact with agents is almost impossible, and if you succeed and talk with the agents, they may decline your offer, the dates may be unsuitable, or the artist unavailable. A lot of things can come in the way. Even if you sign the agreement itself, the conditions are often extremely difficult to negotiate, among the other things you must manage. These include costs associated with the artists exclusive rider, securing appropriate accommodation, transporting the artist safely and navigating the whole booking process.

From our own experience we know, that the smallest details can cause the biggest problems. This is why we offer our help in this area, to remove the unnecessary stress from the promoter.

Stage, lights, sound and more...

Now, when you successfully obtained the artists you wanted, you need to create breathtaking Event Production. Nothing impresses event participants more, than a remarkable audio-visual show. Unique and innovative stage constructions are the main showcase of the largest events in the world, and photos taken by participants are a free, viral marketing campaign, increasing the prestige of the entire event brand.

However creating a breathtaking set design is an extremely complex and difficult process. Regardless of whether we set up the stage production based on the artists rider guidelines or create our own unique production, we must take into account that the project must be approved by artist managers. This means that the characteristics and scenario of the event is not everything, and incorrect assumptions can quickly be met with refusal from artists management and possibly impose financial penalties or in extreme situations, cancel artist bookings altogether. That's why its so important to focus and work with professionals, like ourselves with many years of experience and extensive knowledge in this area.

Thanks to this, we will be create a breathtaking atmosphere, which will remain in the hearts and minds of all the event participants for years to come.

We plan your advertisement

You're almost there! Event Plan is working well, artists are booked and event production is coming along perfectly. But you know what? Nobody knows about your event. So it's time for Marketing Planning!

The preparation and implementation of the event's marketing campaign is crucial to the sales and profitability of the entire project. Planning a comprehensive marketing campaign, choosing the right promotion channels, knowing where to place your ads, preparing and broadcasting radio spots, TV spots, correct phrasing for AdWords campaigns. We want everyone to see your posts and be pulled to find out more! Social media promotion is key! You must attract your target audience, build their interest! You need to know what kind of ads and posts to do, what time to post them on your sites! And yes ... stay within the budget.

That's why we offer assistance in the preparation and implementation of the entire advertising campaign, so that the expenditure incurred for the promotion, converts into the financial success of the entire project.

The Golden Circle

We are at the moment now, when everything has been thoroughly prepared. We have the right event date, location and venue. We have already booked artists and we taken care of the audiovisual production for our event. We prepared an advertising campaign and signed all contracts. Suddenly, we realise that the assumed budget was insufficient and we start the search for sponsors.

Unfortunately it turns out that the vast majority are completely not interested in cooperation, and the rest offer very little money. When trying to get an additional investor, it is not better - they approach the topic very distrustfully and do not want to risk investing in the unknown. Fortunately, we have created the Golden Circle - a platform on which we acquire investment capital from over 400 private investors around the world, thanks to which we can easily solve problems arising from a lack of capital, while saving the time and nerves of promoters.

So don't worry! We'll make sure you have enough money to make your event unforgettable!

Event Alert

When everything is done, we have a complete project and all capital needed. It's time to start selling tickets.

Even at this stage, we're able to save your time, as we have our own ticketing retailer 'EventAlert'. With our innovative ticketing system we not only guarantee to sell your tickets fast, but to a much greater audience, while offering the best rates for the entire market.

The success of our partners is also our success, which is why we make every effort to ensure that the sales conditions are the best and help to increase the number of tickets sold.

All set.

As you can see, organising an event is a long and complicated process, but E&A Management is a stop for all your event production needs, and together we can make real magic happen!

We welcome you all to get in touch with us, and see how we can make your event spectacular!